About Me

by The Krazy Koala


Ashley, a.k.a. Ashleybaby, is born with a passion for music, dance, and art. She is an amateur musician, beauty pageant queen, fashion model, 42KM marathon runner and Latin dancer.

She is featured on NBC talk show, the top TV channel in the world, for her accomplishments professionally and personally.  She is also featured by Columbia University.

She is an Ivy League school grad, ex-Amazon, investor and advisor to CEOs of startups in Silicon Valley and Singapore.  She has extensive experiences working with e-Commerce, internet, consumer, healthcare, financial/fintech companies.  Her work experiences can be found here.   

She is a solo female world traveler and book author. As of March 2020, she has visited 138 countries (out of 193).  While she’s traveling around the world, she dedicates her time to make an impact on the society, with her passions: education and healthcare.  She has completed multiple personal charity projects in Tanzania, Nepal, Bolivia, Madagascar and so on.  She focuses on local culture experience, analyzes society phenomena and thinks about the potential solutions to help to solve the problems.



Ashley taught herself several music instruments. She believes music and art are expressions and reflections of life that ultimately inspire her to use photography to capture the world. Through her eyes and her lens, she has sought out the beauty in every corner of the globe, and is especially drawn to hidden corners, forgotten or ignored by most people. Through these experiences, Ashley has discovered more about our world, and more about herself.

Ashley’s demanding education and professional life have never stopped her from pursuing her passions, but rather further strengthened her enthusiasm and persistence in her exploration of the world and its people.

She inspires to travel to all the 193 UN countries in the world.

Travel experience, charity & honors

In 2007, Ashley set a goal to explore all the “7 New Wonders of the World”. By 2012, she completed all of them as well as the only ancient Wonder of the World that still exists today, the Giza Pyramids. As of March 2020, Ashley has traveled ~1 million miles to 138 countries. She has studied and worked in China, the United States, France, Singapore, India, Australia, and Japan. Over these years, she has fallen in love with using photography to capture her memories and emotions.

While exploring the world, Ashley has never stopped thinking about how she can help to improve education and healthcare by learning the needs of different countries and people. She has initiated volunteer projects in China, Tanzania, Bolivia and Nepal on her own, and met many warm-hearted people during her travels. Based on her leadership in community development, the Governor of New Jersey, USA, awarded her a gubernatorial designation of naming a day in her honor “Ashley Le Chu Day”. She was also the Runner-up in the Miss Chinese USA Beauty Pageant and took on responsibilities as an ambassador to foster love in the Asian-American community.

Along the way, she has recorded her experiences and stories with the people in each country she has visited. She published her first book named “550,000 Miles” to collect those travel journals and photography.

Ashley writes “1 fun fact about each country” in her travel journal.


My Puppy

Ashley’s lovely puppy is Cooper, a.k.a. “Fonty” (the name “Fonty” comes from the campus of INSEAD in France, where Ashleybaby studied her MBA). Cooper is an active handsome Australian terrier, living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  His favorite activity is to play ball and favorite food is chicken. He likes to eat “Fresh Pet” branded organic food. 

My Motto

YOLO is the motto.
You only live once!

Nerdy side of me: Education & Career

After completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at New York University and Columbia University, Ashley went on to pursue an international Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at INSEAD, the World’s No. 1 MBA as ranked by the Financial Times 2017, to further broaden her vision of the world. After her MBA, she joined Amazon in its Global Expansion efforts to cover the Asia Pacific Region and later the investment team in the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH) backed private equity firm. Since then, she has been an active advisor to CEOs of startups in Silicon Valley and Singapore

Artist side of me: Dance, Music, Photography

Playing Piano & Accordion


Travel Photographer

Travel Photography

Latin Dance