Hotel & Flights Booking

by The Krazy Koala

Onomo Hotel (Cote d’Ivoire & Togo)

I did a partnership with Onomo Hotel Group, which operates hotels throughout the entire Africa. I stay in their Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire) and Lome (Togo) locations.  Both hotels are conveniently located close to the airport.

The Abidjan branch: currently building a new building this year and I’m sure it will be nice. I order a really good Merlot wine for my meal and a local fish cuisine. The staff is very friendly to help me organize a taxi driver to take me to the places I want to visit.

The Lome branch: it’s filled with African arts and modern design. I really enjoy all the displays of paintings on the second floor. The chicken soup is the best soup I’ve ever had, and I order a local Guinea Fowl dish which was delicious. They have a lovely outdoor yard at the back. Across the hotel, it’s a lovely beach with tropical weather 🙂