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by The Krazy Koala

First Book – “The 550,000 Miles” (Published in Dec 2017) Order HERE

In December 2017, Ashley published her first book “The 550,000 Miles” on (5 stars review) (Please click on this referral link to purchase anything on Amazon), to share her personal stories about her travels in 77 countries. Since 2010, she has started to write her travel journals in each country she visits. This book is the collection of these travel journals and photography.  While she is traveling, she dedicates her time to make an impact on the society, for example, she launched multiple philanthropy projects such as teaching in Tanzania, helping to build library in Jamaica and Bolivia, and so on.  In addition, Ashley leverages her investing and entrepreneurial experiences in the Silicon Valley and Singapore, to help local small business entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, with her resources and connections.

She is featured on the NBC talk show, the top TV channel in USA. She is proud to be a positive image for Asia Pacific heritage in America.  She is featured on the World’s Top education institution, Columbia University Bookshelf. 

“550,000 Miles” comes in two versions you can download or order prints on Amazon in all countries available: 8”x11” color version and eBook digital version.

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Second Book – “One Million Miles” Released in April 2020! Order HERE

She published her first book “550,000 Miles” in December 2017 (featured on NBC, Columbia and various major media) and received a 5-star review on Amazon; “One Million Miles” is the second book in the series in April 2020.  As of March 2020, Ashley has traveled one million miles to 138 countries on her own. As she is exploring the world and learning the needs of different countries and people, Ashley has dedicated her time to initiate education volunteer projects and help the local small business entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, by sharing her resources and professional knowledge.

Ashley’s passion for the world and its people led her to put together a collection of her travel journals in these countries to record her experiences and stories with the local people, as well as observations and perspectives about the different societies, economies, politics, cuisines, culture, art, fashion, education, healthcare and nature.

This book is meant to be fun: I summarize the common traits about a solo female traveler and fun facts about each of the countries.

The book comes with both eBook Kindle and Paperback print versions. It is available to order on Amazon in many countries with hyperlinks: United States, JapanUnited Kingdom, India, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Canada, France, etc. If it’s not in your country, you may go to this link to get digital copy as a guest.  You can also use any of the above country links to download digital copy. If you run into technical problem from Amazon, you may change your Amazon profile address to a random USA address, then try download again (my readers don’t run into problems after trying this). You DO NOT need a Kindle device; just download to laptop would work.

“One Million Miles” has been featured on another NBC interview, Straits Times (National media of Singapore), Columbia University, INSEAD (the World’s top MBA), BIGO (a live streaming APP with 225 million users worldwide), some of the largest travel organizations on Facebook, and the reputable travel author Jonny Blair’s Author column.




Q&A of the most frequently asked questions by the readers of my books:

  1. “Your photos are so beautiful and also taken with a Leica, but the pixel quality of the photos on your book is low. I’d rather pay more for higher resolution of your beautiful photos”.
    1. Reply: The size of the file will impact the cost of publishing. When I upload my file to Amazon, it is automatically compressed to much smaller photos, as it aims to lower the cost for the readers. However, being a photographer myself, I also got frustrated with the photo quality, so after the Amazon photo conversion (it messed up all the formatting of the entire 200+ pages), I spent 5 full days (10am to midnight everyday) working on replacing the photos and made it better. In the end, due to the size issues, I at least got to replace the last 1/4 part of the photos on the book with full sizes, as well as improved the other 3/4 (already made it more visible than originals).
    2. If I made every single picture in the original size, the readers would need to pay a lot more, as Amazon is the seller of the book who determines the cost of the delivering the file, but I’m just a content provider. It’s difficult for me to make 2 versions, to satisfy readers looking for different prices or preferences. 
  2. I got very excited to learn about your conversations with the locals and the interactive stories on your book, rather than the travel itinerary and agenda/price of the trip.
    1. Reply: Me too! Thanks for liking my stories. The favorite part of all my trips are always the stories and encounters I had with the local people. That’s definitely the highlights of my experiences. However, there are different kinds of readers, so some readers would find it helpful to also get some recommendations from my experiences regarding the agenda. By naming the prices of items that I pay, readers can get a sense of the living standard and economy locally. Economy influences culture, and is also part of my observations during the trips.
  3. “I love that you put in your emotion into the travel. Sometimes travel isn’t about only the places but what you felt and experienced in that.” while some people said, “I saw some minor grammar errors on your book.”
    1. Reply: Yes. I made a disclaimer on the first page of “Dedication” session at the beginning of the book. “Please excuse my casual writing style, as these are the notes I have made as I go on the road and some countries I have visited are missing from this collection.” When I write these journals, I write them during bus, flights, road, etc, as this is the only way for me to remember my emotion when I was there. I hope my book delivers that differentiation of being personal stories with emotions.
  4. You lower the price of your new book “One Million Miles” by so much, compared to your first book “550,000 Miles”.
    1. Reply: Amazon is the seller of the book who determines the cost of the delivering the file and the printed costs, but I’m just a content provider. The print version of the first book “550,000 Miles” got a higher cost, as there are 100+ more pages than “One Million Miles”. For example, for the printed version of the “One Million Miles” of $29.99, Amazon takes $27 out of the price. You can see I’m doing this to share with the community who wants to travel but cannot travel like I do, due to their personal issues. Many people write to me online and want to see the world from my words and lens.
  5. “You truly are someone who is impressive. Being the Advisor and board members. I think what made you successful life is that when you are passionate about something you go deep and you thus gain insight into that industry. Because you love travel, and friends of yours love reading your travel blog, you gained that expertise to even advise for “TravelTech” which is quite unique. Because while many others are thinking about Cloud, Software, AI; you are thinking about travel disruption and could apply real on the field experience (since you traveled to 138 countries).”
    1. Reply: Thank you for speaking highly of me. My life philosophy is that I either do it at my 200%, or just don’t do it. I choose the things that I “want” to do, not that I “need” to do. Once I start doing something, I give my full commitments to make it happen. In this case, I’m trying to share with the community who wants to see the world but cannot travel like I do, due to their personal constraints. I’m very interactive with my online fans who tell me how much I have inspired them and that they got out of their countries for the first time because of being inspired by my sharing.
  6. “I enjoyed the “fun facts” section you did for each country, but I wonder if your book should use a “boxed color” to box that section instead of having the same background/text as the main content.”
    1. Reply: I do spend quite a lot of time thinking through the fun facts (which may not be the journals I wrote during my trip, while I was on the road) and thought my book should be a fun read to readers, with some brief insightful summary. I didn’t think about the boxed color and also not sure how to make that colors with the limited functions that were offered in the Author editing tool that I used to publish books. I should look into that for my next book.
  7. You really like green color. I saw you wear green many times, from light green to medium green to dark green.
    1. Reply: Yes. I love green and blue, also white. The colors that are more fresh and nature, yet still simple. I really love mountains and trees, so green represents those. I also love blue sky and sunlight. I used to love white the most, and still do, as it represents simplicity and minimalism, which are my life philosophy.
    2. I sometimes wear other colors and even B&W. See my IG:
  8. You really like BBT, looking for bubble tea in every country.
    1. Reply: Yes, I do! Drinking a cup of BBT is my daily routine. During my interview with one of the largest travel groups on Facebook, I talked about my preferences being no sugar, no iced, no topping, and regular milk tea. I want bitter tea though, as that can give me a boost to wake up for the day.
  9. Your book reads more like a journal and very casual.
    1. Reply: yes. I made a disclaimer on the first page of “Dedication” session at the beginning of the book. “These are the notes I have made as I go on the road and some countries I have visited are missing from this collection.” When I write these journals, I write them during bus, flights, road, etc, as this is the only way for me to remember my emotion when I was there. Writing the journals in a casual journal way rather than in the formal way will make readers feel my experiences better with the emotions rather than just facts. In this way, it can read more “personalized” and make my book closer to my readers, which are the goals of my travel book.