Travel & Camera Gear

by The Krazy Koala

Camera Gear

I’m into photography and won a national photography contest when I was in high school. In addition, I’ve been a fashion model since the age of 17 years old.  It’s hard to find someone else to express what I want in my photography, so I’m the model for most of my photos.  A photo without humans is just landscape; but I believe photography tells a soul and needs people in it to express the moment.

For many years, before 2018, I used to use Lomo and Nikon, but ever since I started using Leica. I absolutely fall into love with Leica and cannot live without it. It’s an expensive camera brand. Because I want to get something light, I buy Leica CL. It’s a fascinating product which allows me to travel light!

I care about the look of it, so I even spend extra to get the silver color lens, which stands out better with the black color body.

As an ex-Amazon, I used to work with many different consume brands (including some of the top seller brands on Amazon, such as Anker, Michael C. Fina, Muji, Museum of Modern Arts, etc.).  I provide a full review of products and hope to help all travel peers.

Most of my travel photography is taken by Leica CL from the summer of 2018 onward.

As a solo female traveler, my best travel buddies are tripod and Leica.


I only do carry-on luggage during all my trips, except for 3 occasions where they forced me to check in my luggage, because the airline restricted 7KG for the carry-on.  I wear a backpack also.

I used to carry a leopard pattern luggage – that’s why you see my first book cover is the image of my luggage, which accompanied me to travel 60 countries.  But sadly, as I landed in Uganda, the wheel of the luggage came off.

I then switch to Rimowa, which was acquired by LVMH.  I used to work under the same conglomerate group. I enjoy Rimowa a lot, as their wheels are exceptionally smooth, which saves me a lot of strengths pulling luggage as I travel around the word.  I don’t like the glossy color, so the metallic navy is classy and not showy.  I totally love it!

Here is my typical airplane look, with the black tripod on top of my carry-on luggage.  Half of my luggage is occupied by my camera, video camera, electronic gears, and half by my clothes.

Check-in: I have another Rimowa check-in size. I  only use check-in luggage for long-term business trips and as I move home from continent to continent.  The picture is when I move home between Singapore and San Francisco.

In Feb 2020, I started partnership with Traveler’s Choice, a top luggage brand seller on Amazon. Their design is modern with reasonable price. Have you ever had transparent luggage? This is my first time:) My instagram shots.


When I first started travel, no one was into video or v-log. Nowadays, more and more v-loggers are emerging. In December 2019, I start to make 1 video per country I travel to.  With my friend’s influence, I purchase DJI Mavic Mini. I thought it was light, but after I get it, I realize the weights from both the drone and the controller are still quite heavy.