Work with me

by The Krazy Koala

As a fashion model, travel book author (5-star review on Amazon), investor, special advisor to startups and Venture Capital/Private Equity, Ashley works with brands, media, organizations and investors, across different sectors of consumer, hospitality, contemporary art, fitness healthcare, education, public sectors, etc.  Ashley has been on major press since 2006 when she was crowned as a beauty pageant queen.

Ashley has worked with:

  • eCommerce/tech/logistics (Amazon, Alibaba Lazada,, Secoo)
  • fashion (LVMH(Louis Vuitton Group), Seafolly, Miss Sixty/Trendy Group, Versace, Sassoon, designers from Project, Runway, Stylefav, etc.)
  • Luggage (Traveler’s Choice)
  • art (, MOMA, art galleries)
  • international hospitality group (Onomo Hotel chain)
  • home/kitchen (Michael C.Fina)
  • skin care (Marubi)
  • food & beverage (Jones the Grocer)
  • healthcare & fitness (Novartis Sandoz, Becton Dickinson, fitness & clinic chains)
  • fintech/healthtech/banks (Wells Fargo, BNP Paribas)
  • media (NBC Bay Area, Asiaray), etc.

She has worked in USA, Singapore, China, Japan, Australia and India.

While she is traveling around the world to ~140 countries, she dedicates her time to make an impact on the society. She has launched multiple personal charity projects in Tanzania, Nepal, Madagascar and so on. She’s passionate about education and healthcare.  She provides advisory to local businesses on entrepreneurship and development. If you are interested in traveling with me or getting advice, please fill out survey here. 

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Media Kit:

Ashley is featured on the NBC talk show, the top TV channel in the world, and Straits Times (National media of Singapore). She is also featured by World’s Top education institutions, such as INSEAD and  Columbia University.

She has traveled to ~140 countries as a solo female traveler and an ex-beauty pageant queen in USA.  As she travels around the world, she is committed to carry out her passion in making a difference on people and the world.  She has taught elementary school in Tanzania, volunteered at an orphan organization at Nepal, community services at Madagascar and Kenya, and so on.  She has helped many local small business entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

She is featured as a travel book author of 550,000 miles with 5 star reviews on Amazon, and the second book in the series “One Million Miles” in 2020 available globally in United States, JapanUnited Kingdom, India, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Canada, France, etc.  Professionally, she is also featured as a private equity and venture capitalist, and special advisor to CEOs in Silicon Valley and Singapore.

In addition, she’s featured by some of the world’s most famous travel author’s “Author Column”, such as Jonny Blair’s “Don’t Stop Living” as a traveler,and as an author of “One Million Miles”. 

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